Sunday, June 8, 2008

Day Two: Walking and Justice

Today we walked. And walked. And walked.
I feel like we covered the city from East to West on foot today and it was amazing. We gathered on top of Bernal Hill, a peak over looking the city, for a conversation about the kingdom of God and Jesus’ invitation to join God in setting the world to rights.We walked through the Mission, Castro and Tenderloin districts ducking into the shops while confronting some beautiful and depraved examples of humanity. We prayed prayers like, “Creator, help me to think your thoughts and feel your feelings about this place and these people.” “God, show me where you are already at work bringing redemption here. From the murals to the cafés it was not hard to see where our God was busy.

However, the part of the day that impacted us most was our conversation about human trafficking. Discussing the way of Jesus and justice, we talked about the despicable reality of modern day slavery then struck out to see (and pray for) the places this slavery was happening in San Francisco. 
With our eyes open we had frank and honest conversation tonight about where this same slavery s happening in Nashville and what we can do to abolish it. Expect to hear more about
 how St. B’s can get involved when we return!

I’ll leave you with a reflection from Julia Carruthers-Thorne:

“We were faced with some pretty harsh realities today, but in some ways those things were beautiful simply because we saw truth. We saw reality. A lot of that truth, though, was hard to process. As people trying to walk in the way of Jesus, we don’t want that truth to always be the way things are. Sometimes words were not even enough to pray the kind of change we want to see in our world but more specifically in the city we are in this week.”



Ahna said...

This is the beauty of the One who is the Word made flesh, but who is also the Spirit who "intercedes with groanings that cannot be uttered." May you all have words to say when they need to be said, and the grace to remain silently attentive when that is needed as you walk in the Way.

Looking forward to hearing more of your journey!

Erin said...

The Shankels love the dojo! Keep up the good (and hard) work of seeing and loving and learning. I'm being challenged viariously through you all.


Erin said...

I meant "vicariously". This is what happens when I try to use big words!

Dawn Wyse said...

So good to connect with you all through the blog. We are praying for you each day. Dixon, thanks for the reflections and insights. blessings to all....
the Wyses

Natasha said...

What does it mean to be "post-Christian"?

Bonham said...

Man I'm so jealous of you guys. Was it the same Vietnamese restaurant that we ate at two years ago? And I recognized one of those murals from the picture you posted from when we were there two years ago. Incredible.

Jerry said...

Yet again you are leading the youth of our parish to places that many dare not go... on the destination but the genuine reflection of what it means to be attempting to live in the Kingdom.. How I envy the journey you are engaged in with fresh impressionable minds open to see God and his kingdom in new and exciting ways.

Dix praying daily for you bro... thanks for your partnership in Gospel ministry